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Registration/Payment Policy

All sessions and classes are first come first serve with your payment holding your spot. Payments must be made in full prior to the start of the first class of the session. Children will not be permitted on the floor until payment has been made. We will remove a class if a minimum class size is not met. We accept Credit/Debit, Cash, or Check. A $30 fee will apply to all returned or cancelled checks. There are no refunds for missed classes (see make-up and cancellation policies below). NO EXCEPTIONS.

Checks can be made payable to Elite Gymnastics Club.



Cancellation/Make Up Policy

 Make-Up Class Policy: There will be NO make up classes. To keep our ratios in class we will not be offering make-ups.

Refunds: Once a session begins there are absolutely no REFUNDS on classes for any reason. If a class is dropped after the session has begun,  credit towards future use  will be issued and retained on your family account at Elite Gymnastics Club for a term of 90 Days from the date issued.

Class Cancellations & Closings Policy

Elite Gymnastics Club reserves the right to remove a class if a minimum number of students is not met in the given session.

Holidays/Events: Elite Gymnastics Club does close annually for some holidays. Recreational sessions with classes falling on these holidays will not be made up.

Inclement Weather: We do NOT close with the school districts as the roads are usually cleared up by the time we open. Always check our online sources if you are uncertain. IF NOTHING IS POSTED, WE ARE OPEN. Tuition you pay covers your child’s spot in a specific class, MOST inclement weather class cancellations will NOT be made up.

Dress Code:

Female Gymnasts - All girls in gymnastics classes must either wear a leotard or T-shirts, compression tops, elastic waistband athletic shorts, etc. (nothing loose or baggy). No socks or shoes. No loose jewelry (small earrings are OK). Hair should be pulled back out of face.

Male Gymnasts -  All boys in gymnastics classes should wear athletic/gym wear: T-shirts, compression tops, elastic waistband athletic shorts, etc. No socks or shoes.

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