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Elite Gymnastics' Club is located at the Elite Sports Center (3832 Fortune Drive Lafayette, IN).  Elite Gymnastics Club opened in August of 2009 and moved to the Sports Center the summer of 2013 to create an incredible experience for the gymnasts and their parents.  All of our gymnastics areas are visible from either our upper seating area behind the glass, or from our baclony area.  Our preschool gymnastics areas are designed with the young child in mind, and as such all of our preschool gymnastics equipment is tailored to the size and developmental needs of small children.  The main gymnastics area is a fully equipped 18,000 square foot training facility. We are stocked with the full gamut of gymnastics equipment including, a 40’ Tumble Trak, 4 sets of AAI Elite Uneven Bars, 2- 42’ x 42’ spring floor, 6 high Balance Beams, 2 low Balance Beams, an elevated foam pit,  3 AAI Vault table, and plenty of mats for all of your tumbling needs!  The entire facility is heated and air conditioned which allows children to participate in fun gymnastics activities in comfort all year round. 

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